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Note from the editor

Big things are happening in the world of online video, and massive changes are afoot. We see platforms like YouTube, Twitch and TikTok in the headlines on a near-weekly basis, but dig beyond the headlines of most coverage and… well, you won’t find much. FFWD is the home for the smartest takes on the things that will matter in the near future in online video, by the journalists who are embedded in that space and know it best. It’ll look at the bigger trends and put them into all-important context, explaining to you what their wider impact is for society and how this shifts the way we work, earn money, and spend our time. It’ll lead the conversation on things that are going to become big, while also acknowledging that perhaps trying to see outside of the online video bubble can be hard.

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Chris Stokel-Walker
UK-based freelancer for The Guardian, The Economist, BuzzFeed News, the BBC and more. Tell me your story, or get me to write for you: stokel@gmail.com
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Elizabeth de Luna
I write about online culture and the YouTube creator community.
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Peter Yeung
Peter Yeung is a freelance journalist that specialises in digital storytelling, data journalism and humanitarian reporting. www.peter-yeung.com
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Sanjana Varghese
writer — tech, culture + environment. get me @ sanjanamvarghese@gmail.com
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Robert Kelly
Robert is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in The Guardian, GQ, and Billboard, among other publications. You can follow him @RobbyKelly7
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Emily Reynolds
Journalist and author
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Tom Barton
is a writer and broadcaster reporting on how policy and politics affect the lives of people across the UK.
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Ashley Nkadi
Ashley loves God, her mama, being Black, Gucci Mane, baked beans, & eyebrow maintenance. In that order. For more, follow @hottienkadi or visit ashleynkadi.com
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Elliot Sang
Elliot is a writer and recording artist from Queens, New York. He is of Dominican and Chinese descent. He runs the YouTube channel bby gang.
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Raphael Tsavkko Garcia
Journalist, PhD in Human Rights (University of Deusto). MA in Communication Sciences, BA in International Relations. www.tsavkko.com.br
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Go to the profile of Molly Horan
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Nithin Coca
Global journalist covering politics, environment, human rights & the social impacts of tech for OneZero, Gizmodo, The Nation and more www.nithincoca.com/writer
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Kevin Donnellan
Journalist. Previously UK Editor and Trends Editor at Storyful
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Luke Winkie
writer and reporter - Red Bull, Sports Illustrated, PC Gamer, Vice, Rolling Stone, Daily Dot, Gawker Media, Buzzfeed, Verge etc - winkluke at gmail
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Becca Lewis
I research media manipulation and political digital media at Stanford and Data & Society.
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Go to the profile of Molly Kendrick
Go to the profile of Molly Kendrick
Molly Kendrick
Freelance writer and co-host of Yeah No Yeah podcast — a show about strange celebrities and unsettling fandoms.
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nathan ma
Berlin-based freelancer putting the ‘cult’ in culture writer for The Independent, The Outline, CRACK, Time Out, and more: nathanashma@gmail.com
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A. Khaled
Internet culture scribe with an interest in the digital economy, content creators, media and politics.
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Yasaswini Sampathkumar
Writer, teacher
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Lucas Quagliata
Marketing Strategist | Philadelphian | Routinely Disappointed Buffalo Bills Fan
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My name is Will, I’m an ex-Googler, a current author, cabin lover, aspiring gardener, and master of the art of the slow cooker. www.willeagle.com
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